21 June 2019

Sustainable propulsions, America’s Cup, Safety on board: tomorrow’s conferences, Saturday 22 June

While Arena Tech Lab confirms itself as a very successful initiative, an open window on the world of yacht design with its complexities and innovations, it also expects the arrival of three “Golden Men” protagonists of the challenges for the Italian America’s Cup. Moreover the conventions on sustainable navigation in lagoon and safety on board.

A Saturday full of events, tomorrow 22 June 2019, at the Salone Nautico Venezia. Among the areas that are receiving most public interest, the prestigious Arena Tech Lab, a space wanted by the Civic Museums where every day cultural activities related to yacht design and construction are planned. The program of the meetings is curated by the Nuvolari Lenard Studio, which involved the leading experts in the field. Yesterday CRN participated that, together with the Navy, spoke of megayacht project. Today is present the Politecnico of Milan Polidesign, tomorrow we talk about sustainability with projects related to the Venetian territory. At 10.30 the Cantieri Vizianello presents the prototype of the Taxi Hybrid, at 11.30 “Project of hybrid means of transport and presentation of the hydrogen boat”, Alilaguna will illustrate to the public “Hepic”the revolutionary zero emission boat at the Salone. At 14.30, the presentation of the projects of the MUVE Yacht projects competition, at 14.45, with ACTV, ALILAGUNA, EDISON, SIEMENS, MASE will talk about alternative propulsions for Venice. At 15.30 ACTV will explain the characteristics of the electric water lute, present on the dock at the Salone. Sunday will be a day of study with the University of Coventry. In the same tense 113, a look to the future is proposed by the exhibition of projects that are above all “manifesti of intentions”, result of a call for tenders promoted by the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia, jointly with the City of Venice and Vela spa, aimed at professional designers and designers or students, individuals or associates for boats of any material and size.

Another highly anticipated event is the meeting, in the morning at 11.00 in Sala Modelli, where we will talk about the Italian adventures in the America’s Cup. The event is promoted by Salone Nautico Venezia, M9 Museo del 900 and the Compagnia della Vela. His title- “L’Italian adventure in America’s Cup: when we discovered sailing”– speaks for itself. The day after the presentation of the new campaign of Luna Rossa at the Circolo Vela Sicilia some protagonists move to the Lagoon to tell the past and the future of the maximum sporting event. The America’s Cup has a unique feature: it is the oldest sporting event that, apart from the war breaks, of dispute with continuity. Born in 1851 it built legendary moments. In Italy the first were the Azzurra boys with Ricci cino, it was 1983. Will tell their businesses to the Venetian public: Andrea Madaffari, who participated with Azzurra and the Moro of Venice, Matteo plazzi, one of the 5 Italians to have won the event, was on board the trimaran BMW Oracle. There will be the designer Davide stone cutter who is part of the design team of Luna Rossa and who will illustrate the technology of foiling (the way to sail lifting the boat on the water). Corrado Scrascia represents the Sailing Company, a challenging club for the Moro of Venice.


At the same time, in Torre di Porta Nuova at 11.00, the conference of a technical nature “Italian pleasure boating: simplification in compliance with safety standards” by Guardia Costiera di Venezia and assonautica. Interventions of Admiral Piero pellizzari, Harbour office of Venice; Alfredo malcarne, Italian President assonautica, Centro Studi Venezia, Blue economy Limpeza dos mares Brazil-Italy. Marino masiero, Vice President assonautica of Venice, will speak
de “The boating must become popular” while Roberto neglia, Journalist and Responsible Institutional Relations ucina will illustrate the proposals of law of assonautica: yards, slides and licenses. Finally aniello raiola, Head Office Marine Direction of the Lazio will deepen the normative evolution in the field of safety of the navigation from diporto.

Navigation in key “green” at the center of the meeting promoted by Ve.La Spa and assonautica, at 14.00, in Porta Nuova Tower“Sustainable propulsion, the hybrid rises in boat”. On the topic the participations of actv, Antonio Ferrari, alilaguna, Fabio Sacco and Moreno Vizianello, Veritas, Angelo bovo, Harbour office of Venice, TV Edoardo casarotto, transfluid, gianluigi taroni, assonautica, Roberto Magliocco.

Finally at 18.00 presentation of the volume “La pesca in laguna”, catalogue of the exhibition of the same name inaugurated at the Centro candiani. From fishing in the valley to fishing in the lagoon to the most diverse species of fish, to the refined techniques of fishing at sea, The exhibition is an opportunity to rediscover an important component of our lagoon culture and our historical heritage and testifies to the close relationship between man and water so uniquely developed in our amphibious culture. The meeting will be attended by Luca Mizzan, director of the Museum of Natural History and curator of the volume, Luigi divari, artist and illustrator who edited the drawings for the exhibition and for the volume and the publisher Cristina Giussani.

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