Venice Boat Show

Green Mission

SNV Green Mission

As part of the management of Events, it is increasingly important to assess the impact they generate from a social, economic and environmental point of view.

In the context of Sustainable Event Management it is appropriate to take into account both waste management, transport and the management of resources and raw materials, but also the human resources involved in some way in the activities and services present. In line with these principles, promoting the social as well as economic and environmental value of the Venice Boat Show, Vela has confirmed the opportunity to implement and certify a system of Sustainable Management of the Event according to ISO 20121:2013 as in previous editions.

Through this initiative is promoted the opportunity to raise awareness, all people who, in various ways, are involved in this Event promoting the protection of the environmental, cultural and economic heritage of our territory.

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  • Declaration of intent and values

    Ve.La S.p.A. will strive to ensure that the events that it curates during the year and that take place in the city of Venice, have an increasingly positive impact from the social, economic, environmental and occupational health and safety points of view.

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  • Sustainable management of events policy

    Vela has confirmed the opportunity to implement and certify a Sustainable Event Management System according to the ISO 20121:2013 standard as in previous editions.

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  • Eco-friendly

    The Venice Boat Show is sensitive to the environment and for the exhibition activity it makes use of suppliers sensitive to the issues of Sustainability.

  • Events and sustainability

    A rich calendar of events, conferences and conferences where you will deal with issues related to the environment and the sea.
    Many free green activities where all visitors are invited to participate!

  • Sustainable mobility

    At the Fair a focus on electric with a 3 days dedicated to the new sustainable mobility. There are many sailing boats and innovative nautical solutions.

  • Separate waste collection

    The path of sustainability can not miss some basic activities: there are numerous ecological islands in the event area to diversify waste, 2 information points on the story and differentiated refreshment points that use tableware compostable.

  • Merchandising & post event recovery

    Durable materials with certification of the durability of materials will be on sale at the shops within the salon and online. While at the end of the event, thanks to an agreement with the Cooperativa Rio Terà dei Pensieri owner of the “Le Malefatti” brand, some of the materials used for the fittings will be recovered to become gadgets (bags, beauty cases, purses, etc.)

The City of Venice is the first in Italy to join the global Plastic Smart Cities initiative, promoted by WWF,

Plastic Smart Cities

The City of Venice is the first in Italy to join the global Plastic Smart Cities initiative, promoted by WWF, which aims to combat plastic pollution in nature by 2030. This is to be achieved through the global implementation of best practices that prevent, reduce, and manage plastic as both a resource and waste, supporting the transition to a circular economy.

In line with the goals of the Plastic Smart Cities initiative, the experience gained through the certification of the Venice Boat Show according to the ISO 20121:2013 standard will be used to develop guidelines for other events within the municipality.

The main project partners are Gruppo Veritas S.p.A. and Gruppo AVM (Actv S.p.A. and Vela S.p.A.).

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