Venice Boat Show 2023


Seat of the Exhibition is the ARSENALE, a symbol of the “Serenissima” Republic power and military prowess, the heart of its naval industry.

The exhibition venue is once again the Arsenale of Venice, a symbol of the centuries-old military domination of the Serenissima Republic of Venice and the beating heart of its naval industry. An incomparable historical context right in the centre of Venice, consisting of a water basin and fully restored ancient pavilions.

The exhibition spaces of 55,000 square metres are distributed over a water basin, with over 1,100 linear metres of piers for exhibition, 240 moorings dedicated to yachts and super-yachts, sailboats and other types of boats. A 30.000 square metres outdoor and 5.000 square metres indoor exhibition space. The excellences of international pleasure boating are present, often with the world premiere of their main yachts

An event that explores every aspect of sailing and shipbuilding: design, motors, environment.


The Boat Show also offers many opportunities for entertainment and detailed knowledge:

  • the exhibition of historical and military boats, super tenders, traditional Venetian boats, and a focus on environmental sustainability and electric propulsion systems (E-village);
  • a relaxation and educational area, with educational and creative workshops for children, adjacent to the “Enrico Dandolo” submarine;
  • a landing place dedicated to water trials on Venetian rowing boats, sailboats, lug sailboats, canoes, kayaks, dragon boats and more;
  • Gondola rides;
  • a shipyard for the restoration of traditional boats;
  • numerous exhibitions and artistic installations, also outdoor, in collaboration with the Foundation of the Civic Museum, The Biennale Arte 2022 and other cultural institutions in the city;
  • a rich calendar of meetings and conferences on-site dedicated to the world of boating and sport, and side events throughout the city;
  • restaurants with Venetian specialities, typical crafts, bars and merchandising point.

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The water basin:

  • 55.000 sq metres for exhibitions on water
  • More than 1.500 meters of wharfs and piers
  • More than 250 moorings
  • More than 250 ground-standings
  • 13.000 sq metres for trials on water

The exhibition areas:

  • 10.000 sq metres for indoor exhibition
  • 30.000 sq metres for open air exhibition

Exhibition in the water basin (Darsena Grande):

  • Area «Piazzale della Campanella»
  • Exhibition of historical, militar and traditional Venetian boats

Exhibition in the water basin (Darsena Grande):

Main Yacht Riviera
Exhibition moorings for boats from 10 up to 35 metres length
Equipment: electricity, water
Possibility to set up a reception desk and a hospitality area

Fiera Open Air

Ground exhibition for boats under 10 metres length
Equipment: electricity, water
Possibility to set up a reception desk and a hospitality area

Indoor exhibition: Tese delle Nappe

These are three very large adjoining areas with a total of 3.500 sq metres. They have been fully restored, with a total respect for the original architectural structure, promoting the bright, wide vaults, which are characteristic of the spaces. The construction of these three awe-inspiring areas began in 1525, along the northern wall of the Arsenal during the development of the “Arsenale Novissimo”. Constructed as “water vaults” (aquatic work-sites), they maintained such characteristics, up and until landfilling, begun in 1880.

Modular stands starting from 6 sq metres up to 128 sq metres.
Equipment: electricity 1,5kw, standard furniture

Le altre aree:

  • Ristoranti and bars
  • Discovery and relaxation area
  • “Voga alla veneta” rowing area
  • Venues for meetings and events

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