Venice Boat Show

Sustainable Management Policy of Events Organized by VeLa Spa

“Venice World Capital of Sustainability” represents, also through the Events managed by Vela Spa, the Sustainability in the Lagoon territory.

This management approach aims to be a environmental, economic, social and urban model for the sustainable development of the territory.

The events, realized in the city context and in the Venetian tradition, have an international visibility and thus become a showcase and concrete example of how, even in a complex and peculiar territory, dynamics of sustainable evolution can be integrated.

VELA Spa has decided to commit itself, as defined in its “Declaration of Intent and Values“, with a view to continuous improvement.

Vela Spa introduced the principles of the sustainable event by transmitting to the other companies of the AVM Group the concrete commitment to respect the pillars of Sustainability: social, economic and environmental.

The commitment made by VELA Spa is to adapt the Organization of Events, which are defined during the year, to the canons of the standard ISO 20121:2013, in order to involve stakeholders and propose to the entire management chain of the Event an integrated and inclusive mode that reflects a concrete contribution to the achievement of the objectives proposed by the 2030 Agenda.

The development of this commitment began with the Boat Show Event, certified according to ISO 20121:2013 since the 2019 edition, in the hope of gradually extending it to as many Events as possible.

In this perspective VELA Spa means:

  • Respect and embrace the fundamental principles of sustainable development;
  • Sensitize participants to the Event on environmental, economic and social sustainability;
  • Ensure compliance with current environmental, health and safety regulations in the workplace;
  • Involve stakeholders by communicating their sustainability principles;
  • Involve the entire supply chain in the perspective of sustainable growth;
  • Work to reduce resource consumption and waste production;
  • Enhancing local products;
  • Promoting the local economy and employment;
  • Be inclusive, respecting the rights of workers and partners and visitors to the Event.
the signed document
RINA certification

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