Introducing “UISP IN THE WIND 2024 – A HUG TO ITALY”

Area sommergibile Dandolo

01 JunJune


Presentation of the event, promoted by UIPS APS – Sailing, divided into two parts: some boats sail the Adriatic, others the Tyrrhenian Sea to meet in Reggio Calabria. Departure on June 7 from Porto Piccolo in Sistiana (Trieste). Meeting in Reggio Calabria on June 30 and final on July 21.

It is an event that aims to bring together those realities, those smaller sailing clubs, which play a very important but anonymous role in the Italian sailing movement, known only to their members and a few others. These clubs represent a good part of our 600 affiliated ASDs, some of which, due to a lack of a solid structure, struggle to comply with new regulations and need support. Support that we try to provide through consultancy, making ourselves available to them, and providing services.
What is more comforting than a hug that makes you feel close, appreciated for who you are and what you do? And to give greater strength to this closeness, to this union, we have included two collateral events that we will develop in collaboration with UISP regional committees:
– Awareness against violence against women.
– Responsible ecological behavior on board.

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