XI Venice Hospitality Challenge Press Conference

Area sommergibile Dandolo

31 MayMay

11:00 - 12:00

Presentation of the 11th edition of the Venice Hospitality Challenge, which returns to Venice on Saturday, October 19, 2024, promoted by the Yacht Club Venezia.

The charm of grand sailing and world-famous hospitality excellence come together once again this year under the banner of this regatta, a true Grand Prix of the City of Venice as it is the only one held in the inner waters of a city, the Serenissima.
Sportsmanship, luxury, and lifestyle are the key elements of this competition, which will see Maxi Yachts that have made unforgettable contributions to sailing history paired with renowned establishments in high-end Venetian hospitality.
Exclusive to Maxi Yachts, it is the only regatta in the world held entirely in the inner waters of a city. Conceived and organized by Mirko Sguario, president of the Yacht Club Venezia, the Venice Hospitality Challenge is a perfect blend of Venetian maritime spirit and a commitment to showcasing the high-level hospitality of the Serenissima. The event involves top Venetian hotels, which have been supporting it since its inception.

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