11 June 2019

The collateral initiatives programme

Contemporary art, photography, design in the sign of the sea. At the Venice Boat Show that opens its doors next week, there will be numerous collateral initiatives, so much culture of the sea that lives next to the exhibition area and the conference program. On the same platform also a series of installations related to the Biennale. An activity that will please the owners of large yachts, who often marry the passion for contemporary art and yachting.

The tesa 102 houses “Aquae, the future is in the Ocean”: dedicated to illustrate the main characteristics of the marine environment, with particular attention to the use and conservation of its resources for sustainable development. Through experiments, scientific equipment, scale models and video installations, the main characteristics of the marine environment are described. An exhibition that closes symbolically with a reflection on the future and the safeguard of the oceans and on the necessity to adopt behaviors and virtuous practices.

Not far away, in the tesa 113: MUVE Yacht projects. An exhibition of boat projects of every type and material, outcome of the selection of the call organized by Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia jointly with the City of Venice and Vela spa. The projects selected, the work of professionals and students, concern the overall design, the interior, the components of detail, the structure, the propulsive system, etc. In exhibition are also some projects out of competition edited by internationally known nautical design studies. A suggestive set-up that takes up the primordial idea of the ‘origami paper-shaped boat will host the design proposals. The exhibition is curated by Fondazione Musei Civici and Studio Nuvolari – Lenard. In the same office Arena Tech Lab, an initiative dedicated to training that sees participation among others the Polytechnic of Milan polydesign and the University of Coventry.

Marittima, ieri e oggi: tra riqualificazione ed innovazione”, in Area Scali, is the title of a photographic exhibition promoted from Venice Terminal Passeggeri with the patronage of Authority of Harbour System of the North Adriatic Sea. In the course of the last twenty years the harbour zone of Venice Marine and San Basilio have been object of a deep transformation that has seen a complete requalification of the harbour structures with contextual progressive substitution and then definitive of the commercial traffic with the turistic. The photos define the perimeter of this work from the important urban impact that has transformed the old historical commercial port of the Marine in a multifunctional and avant-garde structure, recognized like one of the more efficient and high quality turistic ports of the service world-wide.

Five monumental sculptures of the Polish artist Igor Mitoraj are watching the docks, presented by Galleria Contini. The fragments of the past, bodies and faces depicted with well-proportioned characteristics, typically Greek, are the starting point for a reflection on timeless themes such as love, desire, femininity but also loneliness and suffering.

Near the careenage docks, is set up the exhibition “Il Trasporto pubblico a Venezia” that traces, through models, technical drawings, relics and historical documents contextualized within a timeline, the history of public transport in Venice from 1882 to the present day. Promoted by the AVM/actv Group, the exhibition reopens, after the exhibition of the past months at the Austrian Powder Keg in Forte Marghera, in a revised version at the Boat Show right in the area occupied by the ACTV shipyard until last year.

Don’t miss In Spazio Modelli – Thetis, the photographic exhibition “Vivere sul’acqua” which collects images from the Giacomelli Photographic Archive of the Municipality of Venice. Promoted by the Photographic and Digital Archives Service, Direction of Strategic Projects, Environment and International and Development Policies, of the City of Venice, develops through about 70 images supported by seven panels divided.

The photographic Archive Giacomelli, between the twenties and seventies of the twentieth century, is represented events and subjects, among the most important archives not only nationally but also internationally. It is a photographic archive of more than 180,000 negatives, in glass or film, of various sizes and sizes that remembers the history of the last century in Venice.

The Arsenal during the Boat Show is also an exhibition of contemporary art where some exhibitions and collateral installations of the Biennale are located. This is also a journey among the new artistic trends including the mammoth sculpture of Lorenzo Quinn, Building Bridges, which stands in the small dry dock, celebrating the universal values of the man starting from Venice, cities of royal and metaphysical bridges. The tesa 99 hosts also this italo-american artist, while in Area Scali it’s possible to visit the opera Hello Goodbye by Marco Lodola that takes its name from the Beatles song. “Punto delle Partenze Interrotte”, set up at the Tesa 100, exhibits works by three internationally renowned artists born and raised in Dubrovnik: Izvor Pende, Slaven Tolj and Mariana Pende. In Dante Veritas is the title of the exhibition of Vasily Klyukin, philanthropist, inventor and Russian designer now passed to art, promoted by The State Russian Museum at the Tesa 94, in Area scali. 32 large sculptures in steel of strong impact inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy: an apocalyptic scenario that wants to make us reflect on the problems that afflict humanity.

Friends at the Thetis space, where artists, curators, gallerists, joined by a common acquaintance, give the title to a collective.

Finally it’s possible, thanks to the Foundation Civic Museums of Venice that has completed an articulated and complex program of recovery and valorization, in exceptional way, to visit the famous submarine Enrico Dandolo. Its secrets can be discovered through an experiential visit: texts, splendid images specially commissioned and the possibility of practical and multi-sensory experiments.

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