24 May 2022

The National Archaeological Museum of Venice and the Boat Show

“The art of shipbuilding is back home” in the area of the Arsenale in Venice, from May 28th to June 5th 2022.

L’arzanà de’ Viniziani (the Venetian dockyard as mentioned by Dante Alighieri) is one of the symbolic places of the city, the factory of the maritime power that assured to the Serenissima the supremacy of the trading routes towards the Levant. Its commercial and maritime supremacy also results in a self-representation through the spolia and vestoge of antiques that comes to Venice along with the galleys and show off in public spaces and in the aristocratic palaces. Let’s consider, for instance, the lions dating back to the 4th century BC, that Francesco Morosini took to Venice and had them positioned at the Arsenale, after the occupation of Athens.

The motto “every object is a journeys” of the National Archaeological Museum of Venice reaffirms the strong connection between archaeology and the commercial and naval history of the city.

The National Archaeological Museum of Venice is making its contribution to the event, dialoguing with the Venice Boat Show about those artworks which are connected with water and sea themes. Let’s follow our social network accounts to read about faraway places, ships and underwater finds. If you are intrigued, follow #archeonautico.

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