Hansa 2024 Championship press conference

Area sommergibile Dandolo

01 JunJune


Press conference for the presentation of the HANSA Championship, which will take place in San Giuliano on June 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2024.

San Giuliano is preparing to host an event that marks a turning point in the history of Italian sailing: the Italian Hansa 303 Championship, an exclusive competition that unites able-bodied and disabled athletes in the same passion for the sea. This upcoming championship is not just a regatta, but a celebration of inclusion, determination, and the sporting spirit that defines sailing as a sport open to all.

The Hansa 303 Class is a symbol of accessibility in the sport of sailing. Designed to be easily maneuverable and safe for sailors of all abilities, these boats represent the ideal meeting point between competition and the pleasure of sailing, offering everyone the chance to compete on equal terms. The Italian Hansa 303 Championship is not just a sporting challenge, but an opportunity to demonstrate that limits can be overcome with courage and commitment. Through the participation of both able-bodied and disabled athletes, the event highlights the importance of inclusion, promoting a message of equality and respect within the sailing community and beyond.


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