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Conference “Waterfront 4.0: New aquatic challenges of urban regeneration.”

Arsenale - Torre di Porta Nuova

30 MayMay

10:00 - 12:30

The waterfront has always been identified as driving forces of urban regeneration. This year, the event will focus on emerging challenges related to the sustainable management of water resources in the face of increasingly dangerous risks from climate change and rising waters, as well as the promotion of innovative practices and environmental requalification.

Two round tables of experts – professors, scholars, and designers – from different disciplines will examine the current situation and strategies for developing resilient waterfronts capable of adapting to climate change and ensuring harmonious coexistence between communities and the marine environment.

New and unique waterfront regeneration projects will be presented: a real opportunity for communities to discover and discuss innovative solutions that transform waterfronts into livable and dynamic areas. The proposed interventions will provide practical and inspirational ideas for creating more resilient, inclusive, and culturally rich urban environments, thus promoting harmonious and sustainable development of coastal cities.

Waterfront 4.0: New aquatic challenges of urban regeneration. A participatory and interactive discourse to stimulate lively discussion and strong action, to transform waterfronts into inclusive, sustainable, and culturally vibrant spaces for future generations.

Concept and curation by Studio Marco Piva In collaboration with Action Group S.r.l. – Infoprogetto®.

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