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The Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia, through its educational department MUVE Education, offers a fun step-by-step itinerary for families and children aged 7 to 12, led by a specialized educator. This itinerary explores the historical sites of the Arsenale di Venezia, the heart of the naval industry of the Serenissima.


Starting from Tesa 99, where the MUVE Yacht Projects models are exhibited, the tour proceeds to the Casa del Bucintoro, a sixteenth-century building used for the construction and maintenance of the ‘Bucintoro’—the ceremonial ship of the Republic of Venice. Then, it continues towards the sixteenth-century shipyards on the Darsena Vecchia, one of the most fascinating and ancient areas of the Arsenale, where Venetian galleys were built. From here, the tour reaches the Torre della Campanella, which was used to sound the alarm in case of fire.

Proceeding between the ‘Squadradori’ building and the Canale delle Galeazze, the tour arrives at the area with the original World War II bunker, equipped with educational materials, and the Enrico Dandolo submarine (active during the Cold War), a true attraction of the Arsenale. Its unmistakable silhouette dominates the dock and the surrounding area.

From here, the tour continues along the entire Banchina della Novissima, enjoying a panoramic view of the entire Arsenale and its splendid boats on display. After passing the Torre di Porta Nuova to the east, the tour reaches the impressive installation ‘Building Bridges’ (2019) by Lorenzo Quinn. This installation consists of six pairs of hands interlocking to form a bridge, inspired by universal human values that will be explored together. Finally, the tour returns to Tesa 99 for the final stage, where participants will build a beautiful ‘treasure’ to take home.

The activities will take place even in case of bad weather.
Meeting point (start and end of activities): Tesa 99, near the main entrance (MUVE Yacht Projects)

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