Venice Boat Show

Sustainability policy

The Venice Boat Show brings naval art back home, in the historic heart of the maritime city.

The event is inserted in the city context and in the Venetian tradition with an international flair.

Vela has decided to commit itself, as defined in its declaration of intent and values, so that the positive impacts of the event, both social and economic and environmental, can be improved, reducing, as far as possible, the negative ones.

Making the Venice Boat Show sustainable, in compliance with the ISO 20121 standard, means above all an opportunity to raise awareness on the subject, not only the city, but all the people who take part in this event.

With this in mind, Ve.La undertakes to:

  • manage the Venice Boat Show in a sustainable way;
  • respect the fundamental principles of sustainable development;
  • raise awareness of the participants in the event on environmental, economic and social sustainability;
  • ensure compliance with current environmental, health and safety rules in the workplace;
  • involve stakeholders by communicating their sustainability principles;
  • strive to reduce resource consumption and waste production;
  • promoting the local economy and employment.
the signed document
Boureau Veritas Certification