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Conference “From Protection to Innovation: Investments in Infrastructure and Sustainable Recovery Plans for Venice in the MOSE Era”

Arsenale - Squadratori

30 MayMay

09:30 - 12:30

ConferenceFrom Protection to Innovation: Investments in Infrastructure and Sustainable Recovery Plans for Venice in the MOSE Era“, promoted by the Venice World Sustainability Capital Foundation.

Access to the Sala degli Squadratori from 9:30 AM.

The MOSE system of engineering works, with its ability to protect Venice from rising sea levels, has acted as an enabler for the development of the metropolitan area, attracting investments and initiating essential infrastructure renewal projects. This addresses the integrated sustainability needs of the city. The metropolitan area of Venice, together with Padua, is a key node of the TEN-T network, which, in the context of the European Green Deal, aims to create a sustainable, interconnected system of land, sea, and air infrastructure on a continental scale. This renewal starts from a shared and collaborative vision between public and private actors, which is fundamental for the revitalization of the Metropolitan City of Venice. This promotes economic development, social cohesion, and the preservation of its valuable historical and human heritage.
To outline the state of the art of the projects, the conference will present the most relevant innovative strategies and projects aimed at the economic and social revitalization of Venice in the areas of transport infrastructure, energy, and services essential for integrated urban regeneration. The event will feature direct testimonies from businesses, universities, and institutions involved in the projects.
Organized by VSF – Venice World Sustainability Capital Foundation with the City of Venice and Vela. Special thanks to Eni.

Attendance by invitation only.

Following the conference, the “Waterproof Venice” exhibition will be officially opened at Tesa 66.

The Venice Sustainability Foundation was born from the belief that the history of resilience of the City of Venice – its continuous and ingenious search for balance between the needs of a community of inhabitants and the particular environment that hosts it – can inspire the realization of a sustainable future, able to overcome the complex challenges that threaten its very survival.

The Foundation aims to respond to the main problems of the lagoon city and its metropolitan surroundings by promoting a plan of interventions that is functional to:

  • the relaunch, in an ESG key, of the social economy of the territory;
  • the creation of a new integrated model (environmental, economic, social) of sustainable territorial development, as a best practice of global value, that can be a reference for other urban realities worldwide.

The Foundation aims, in particular, to promote/facilitate synergies between the different stakeholders interested in the sustainability of the same territorial area.

Established on March 14 2022 under the patronage of the Italian Government, the Foundation is composed of a structured partnership of regional and local authorities, the main Venetian cultural and academic institutions and a group of large companies interested in the sustainable development of the Venetian area

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