20 June 2019

The Programme of 21st June 2019

Exhibitions, guided tours and live music. Initiatives for all at Salone Nautico Venezia.

In the Tese delle Nappe there will be the exhibitions of Ca’Foscari and Iuav Universities “Dietro le Barche. Il sistema economico della nautica nel territorio veneziano: imprese, design, servizi, istituzioni” that represents in a new way the industries that work for the nautical production in Triveneto.

The exhibition is the result of a research on statistical data and economic analysis conducted by Cà Foscari and designed by professionals and teachers iuav, respectively Alessandro Pedron for the setting up and Francesco Pia-Daniele Balcon for the graphics. The exhibition is divided into three sections: the first deals with the numbers, that is to the general data, with a comparison between Italy and triveneto, related to production by number of companies, employees or turnover, but also the quantity of boats produced. A second section presents the statistical data relating to the Global Chain of Value, that is, to all those activities that build the production chain, services, research and development and design and determine the overall economic value of the sector. The triveneto provides a significant contribution to the Italian nautical production. There are localized 9% of the companies that produce however 39% of the national turnover, and 40% of the added value, while occupy a third of the dependent. In the triveneto, regarding the finished product, will generate the half of the turnover of the nautical one in Italy, confirming the vocation manufacturing of the territory. The third is dedicated to an eye-catching visual tale of the nautical, curated by the Museum of the 20th century M9 in Mestre. The research initiative and the exhibition were promoted and supported by the Venice Foundation, that for several years supports the Universities of Venice in the intention of enhancing the collaboration between the reality of businesses and the places of research and training.

The relationship between the Serenissima and the sea at the center of the photographic exhibition (Sala Modelli) “Vivere sul’acqua” which collects images from the photographic archive Giacomelli of the Municipality of Venice. Promoted by the Photographic and Digital Archives Service, Direction of Strategic Projects, Environment and International and Development Policies, of the City of Venice, It is developed through about 70 images supported by 7 panels ideally divided into five routes: yachting and sailing; handling goods and materials; shipbuilding; special events; offshore. Subsequently the exhibition will be transferred from 28 June to 28 July in Forte Marghera at the French powder magazine (via Forte Marghera -Mestre).The photographic Archive giacomelli, between the twenties and seventies of the twentieth century, is, for consistency, events and subjects represented, among the most important archives not only nationally but also internationally. It is a photographic archive of more than 180,000 negatives, in glass or film, of various sizes and sizes (from the classic 35 mm, or small format, to the large size in glass plate) which reminds us of the history of Venice in the twentieth century.

Gided tours for all.

Thanks to the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia, which has completed a complex program of recovery and valorization, in an exceptional way visit the famous submarine Enrico Dandolo launched in Monfalcone in December 1967, bears the name of a historical unit that fought during World War II. Entered disarmament in 1999, was part of the first units to have been designed and built in our country after the Second World War. Its secrets can be discovered through an experiential visit: texts, splendid images specially commissioned and the possibility of practical and multi-sensory experiments. Access to small groups, from 10.30 to 18.30, accompanied by guides, with safety helmet. In the adjacent area, edutainment, activities for children.

Every day, from 10 am to 12 pm and from 3 pm to 6 pm, the Navy offers the public the opportunity to board the Naval Units “aretusa” and“ponza”. Departure from Arsenale Nord – Pontile Mare Laguna.

Every day from 11.30 to 15.30 Guided visits to the prototype Decision Operating Hall of the Meuse“Control room” by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport – interregional provision for the Public Works of the Triveneto– Consorzio Venezia Nuova. You can know how decisions will be managed and elaborated to bring into operation the barriers of the Moses to protect Venice and the lagoon from the high waters.

An experience not to be missed is a tour on board the Denis, name d’arte ‘Rosa dei Venti’, an old bragozzo owned by the most famous family of moeche fishermen in Venice, the first who have started this activity that is passed down from generation to generation, with particular attention to maintaining the same cultivation techniques of the past. Departures, Arsenale Nord pontile Mare Laguna, at 10.30, 13.30, 15.30, by Società Cooperativa San Marco – Pescatori Burano.

Double musical appointment at 18.30

In the port area, Jessie’s Way Swing Band. An engaging concert of swing music and jazz of the early and mid-century America, which accompanies the audience in that sparkling, exciting and swirling historical period.In the relax area Mare Laguna, live from Les fleurs Ensemble.

Refined and delicate all-feminine quartet of strings concert offering a rich musical program, ranging from classical repertoire to film soundtracks, from tangos to pop and rock music.


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