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Yacht design and sustainability

Arsenale - Torre di Porta Nuova

31 MayMay

10:00 - 13:30

Yacht design trends with an eye for the environment


Conference organized by Carlo Nuvolari (Nuvolari-Lenard), Venice Boat Show

A broad theme: from the stylistic aspects requested by “eco-conscious” customers who want to be recognized as such, to the technical solutions to minimize the environmental impact or make it efficient, the use of energy – new solutions, new hulls – weight saving – new propulsion systems – hybrid systems – new sails, etc. In practice, state-of-the art yacht design with a vision of sustainability.

Host:  Antonio Vettese –  Journalist

Introduced by : Carlo Nuvolari   – Nuvolari-Lenard srl
Cesare Malagrida –     ABB s.p.a.
Thomas Kühmstedt –  OSTSEESTAAL   GmbH & Co. KG
Norberto Barlocco  –  SIEMENS  Energy S.r.l.
Ilan Gonen  –   OMER Wing SAILS  l.t.d.  live from Tel Aviv  – Israele.
Prof. Sean Mc Cartan   –  COVENTRY UNIV.  live Coventry -UK
Giorgio Gallo –     RINA  s.p.a
Marko Pas –        PEGASUS YACHTS d.o.o.
Erick Eklund –      CANDELA  SPEED BOATS  AB

Due to the health emergency, the programme may be subject to changes.

All conferences will be broadcast in live streaming.


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