Lagoon Visions: Between Heart, Art, and Science

Spazio Thetis - Officine Lamierini
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An idea by Jacopo Scarpa, Luca Fontanella, and Antonietta Grandesso

Three are the fundamental elements of our splendid city of Venice: art, science, and the lagoon, which have ideally merged here in the Arsenale since ancient times. This is a quick reflection on the evolution of the relationship between humans and this extraordinary environment.
In Fontanella’s paintings, we find a multitude of glimpses of salt marshes, exalting that original nature that still reveals itself today to those who wish to lose themselves in spaces unknown to tourism. Then, in the paintings of some of the greatest Venetian artists of the past century, there are the more famous islands, where humans have adapted the space to their needs.
Thus far, the art; but without the science that takes care of, for instance, the “ghebi” or the “velme,” this environment, documented through a series of frames, would be destined to last only a short time.
The journey concludes with a look to the future: the “bricola” made from recycled materials and the electric racing boat. Two examples of what the future should be like if we wish to continue enjoying art in an environment like ours.


• Spazio Thetis
• Associazione Paolo Rizzi
• Associazione Motonautica Venezia;
• Archivio Fontanella ;
• Antichità Pietro Scarpa
• Re-use art Creation (Co-funded by the European Union)


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