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Terziario del Mare è… Blu Economy

Online - Arsenale - Torre di Porta Nuova

31 MayMay

14:30 - 17:00

Tertiary of the sea is… Blu Economy. To enhance the potential of yachting and pleasure boating. To find a new role as an Adriatic and Mediterranean city beyond tourism

Conference organized by Confcommercio Unione Metropolitana di Venezia Rovigo.

After the long Covid 19 pandemic, a new era of relaunching and overall rethinking of it being a city and therefore “also” a tourist destination opens up for Venice. Nothing will be the same as it was before, and tourism must also be rethought to enhance the potential and specific features of the city associated with its vocation as a coastal city and its needs for physical protection and its own culture. It is in this context that Confcommercio Unione Metropolitana di Venezia proposes two aspects; a scenario and a sectorial one dedicated to tourism.
The goal of the first panel is to seize the stimuli of the events and the spirit of the Boat Show and of the “inherited future” of the 1600-year anniversary of the foundation of Venice that the metropolitan city is celebrating; to collect proposals and ideas in rediscovering other vocations besides being a touristic and cultural city.
What are the choices for resilient Venice after the “Aqua Granda” of 2019 and the pandemic? How to rediscover or reinvent one’s own commitment to Europe and its Sea that binds it to the Mediterranean, to reflect more extensively on the geo-economic and strategic role that needs to be redefined in the immediate future, as a city of the Adriatic Sea that has now become “metropolitan”.
Focus is placed on a resource to be enhanced at the discussion table between national experts in the sector, to understand and evaluate the prospects of boating and yachting, which are expanding heavily around the world and which, due to new lifestyles, – and therefore of travel and use of the marine and urban environment linked to the sea, including its cultural components – is rapidly evolving and pivoting around several levels and no longer linked exclusively to luxury.


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