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Workshop “Design within nautical system”

Arsenale - Sala Modelli

01 JunJune

15:00 - 17:00

Workshop organized by Alessandra Bosco and Francesca Ambrogio, Università Iuav di Venezia..

The panel aims to propose and activate reflections on issues at the center of the current design debate on the nautical system. Professionals, researchers, and participants will be called upon to share their perspectives on two themes: the scenarios emerging from the ongoing ecological transition and the services that can be integrated within the nautical system. The real-time configuration of a conceptual map will accompany the debate.



Alberto Bassi, Full Professor, Iuav University of Venice

Alessandra Bosco, Researcher, Iuav University of Venice



Raffaella Fagnoni, Full Professor, Iuav University of Venice

Paolo Ferrari, Post-doctoral Researcher, expert in the field of yachting

Carmelo Leonardi, PhD student in Design Sciences, Iuav University of Venice

Lucio Micheletti, Designer, Micheletti + Partners, Milan

Timothi Pepe, Sustainability Manager, AVM, Venice

Folco Soffietti, Research Fellow, Iuav University of Venice


On the occasion of the meeting, Alessandra Bosco and Francesca Ambrogio, coordinator and tutor of the new Advanced Course in Public and Sustainable Yacht Design, will be available to provide clarifications to interested parties.

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