Boat of The Year Prize 2022 – Vela e Motore

Area sommergibile Dandolo

30 MayMay

19:00 - 21:00

With the entry into the 100-year life of Vela e Motore, our Barca dell’Anno award returns with a new “green” look.

In its twentieth edition, the Barca dell’Anno award is dedicated to sustainability, the new frontier of boats and “green” products because today, even for boating, the great challenge is a more ethical approach, whether it is to design suitable boats, sailing through marine parks and protected areas whether it means studying lines to be combined with the latest generation electric / hybrid propulsion systems.

The philosophy of the Award is, in fact, innovation, that is the ability to interpret the boat in a sustainable but concrete way.

The awards will go to the shipyards and products present at the Venice Boat Show and a special mention to those not at the show.

The categories in the competition are three:
1. Superyacht (boat or shipyard present at the show)
2. Product or boat (present at the show)
3. Special mention (product not present at the show)

The prizes will be awarded by a jury made of experts and the winners will be announced at the Venice Boat Show.

The jury members:

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