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Nuove tecnologie per la gestione dei rifiuti marini a Venezia

Arsenale - Torre di Porta Nuova

31 MayMay

10:00 - 13:00

Meeting organised by H2020 MAELSTROM and co-founded by European Union, coordinated by CNR – ISMAR, which consider the development and the application of technological solutions in reply to the complex matter of marine litter removal from the environment.

With the planning and experimentation of innovative technologies which allow marine litter removal in different coastal ecosystems, especially in the Venitian lagoon. Together with the assessment of the effectiveness of the removal and the environmental impact of these rescue operation and the development of recycling solutions.

An inovative technology is being developed, that is a floating dock with a cable robot with which they would like to contribute to the reclamation of the seabed in the coastal area of Gulf of Venice.

During the meeting several activities planned for summer 2022 and following years in the Venitian area will be depicted.

Sen. Andrea Ferrazzi, Member of 13ª Commissione permanente (Territorio, ambiente, beni ambientali) will participate with regard to Legislative Decree “Salvamare”.

Meeting is free, click here for registration until May 24th 2022.

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