Navigating Beyond Limits: the Tour of Italy

Arsenale - Piazzale della Campanella

Arsenale - Piazzale della Campanella,

02 JunJune


Marco Rossato is the first paraplegic sailor to have completed a solo round Italy race! And today he will set off on a new adventure, right from the Venice Boat Show! 1648 miles under the coast, divided into 26 stages, from Venice to Genoa.

After the first solo tour of Italy by our navigator Marco Rossato, finally after 3 long years of Tornavento‘s restoration, it is time for other special people with an adventurous soul to experience this thrill. The project to train new and special navigators with motor disabilities, also involves the crew documenting the accessibility of landings, local associations, details of the beautiful landscapes seen from the sea, and they will undertake to collect plastic they encounter on their route.

The group of friends, have the task of raising awareness in a collaborative form, on the sensitive issue of accessibility by providing useful tips and solutions to improve the comfort of every boaters. Continuity over the years will then be essential, both to train new special boaters and to keep attention high on the many architectural barriers still present.

We are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and we want to tell you about Italy as seen from the sea. We will document the places visible along the coast, the ports, the islands, all the places of tourist value and interest on our route, and we will introduce you to some of the realities of the territory that will come on board to tell their stories and in some cases keep us company on the arrival leg at their location.

In collaboration with MARE VIVO, we will have a chance to talk about the serious problem of plastic in the sea that plagues all the world’s seas, including the ‘Mare Nostrum’. On the crew’s part, there is every willingness to collect the plastic they encounter along their route and beyond! In addition TORNAVENTO (100% electric) will sail silently propelled only by wind and/or engine which will be powered as much as possible by solar and/or hydroelectric source. Even the instruments and services on board will be powered by solar. A challenge within a challenge: we are ready to do our part to benefit the environment for this we will try to be up to 100% energy autonomous

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