Magical Mystery Quintet

Area Scali

Area Scali,

01 JunJune


Tribute band paying homage to the great music of The Beatles.

The five-piece lineup of MAGICAL MYSTERY allows them to thoroughly explore the sound and style that gave birth to Beatlemania, especially the vocal harmonies, the simplicity and essentiality of the arrangements, and the melodic and rhythmic effect (with just guitars, bass, drums, and keyboards) that made The Beatles’ production so captivating. Today, MAGICAL MYSTERY is committed to the precise idea that The Beatles’ music now belongs to classical music, while remaining simultaneously avant-garde. They believe that the charm that The Beatles’ songs have exerted on all generations of young people, from the 60s to the present day, highlights that particular alchemy that only artists of genius can and have created. They seek to research the original compositional idea and highlight the fundamental trait that distinguishes it, as one would generally do with a painting when saying that the “brushstroke” unequivocally defines the master!

Massimo Bellio (vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar), Roberto Cecchetti (vocals, guitars), Eddy De Fanti (vocals, guitars, percussion), Marco Fantinato (bass), Matteo Ramuscello (drums), and Pierluigi Campalto (sound engineer) are eagerly awaiting their audience at this important and challenging appointment, to offer – once again – the music they love most to those (at least like them) who love The Beatles!

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