The health of the Sea: The Maritime Republics against cancer

Arsenale - Tesa 102 ISMAR-CNR

Arsenale - Tesa 102 ISMAR-CNR,

04 JunJune

14:00 - 19:00

The idea of the workshop is to offer a discussion table to link the health of the sea and the marine resources used in the field of human health, through the development of marine biotechnologies. The initiative originating from the work of Prof. Adriana Albini, winner of the Venetian of the year award in 2018 for her commitment in the field of pharmacological and biotechnological research, offers a broad discussion on issues ranging from the preservation of marine biodiversity and resources to their use for human health, involving experts in these research fields. The core theme of the event is the sea and the development of technologies from the sea and for the sea. Symbolically, it involves institutions from the cities of the four Italian Maritime Republics and at the end the signing of a symbolic agreement: the “Venice Charter” for ocean research in the fight against cancer.

Promoted by CNR-ISMAR in collaboration with Comitato Promotore del Premio Veneziano dell’Anno «Associazione Settemari» and Stazione Zoologica, Naples.

Due to the health emergency, the programme may be subject to changes.

All conferences will be broadcast in live streaming.


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