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Festa della Sensa 2022

Bacino San Marco

29 MayMay


One of the most prominent traditional event is the Festa della Sensa (Feast of the Ascension). People can relive the age-old history of the Serenissima Republic and its intimate relationship with the Sea, and the customs and traditions of Venetian Rowing.


ore 08.45 Giovanissimi
ore 09.45 Donne
ore 10.30 Uomini

10.30am – Ceremony of the “Wedding with the Sea” in front of the Church of S. Nicolò del Lido
11.00am – Holy Mass at the church of S. Nicolò di Lido


On Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th May in Lido di Venezia, San Nicolò area, will take place the traditional market edited by Proloco Lido di Venezia e Pellestrina

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