E-Regatta: GT Electra

Arsenale - Darsena Grande

Arsenale - Darsena Grande,

02 JunJune


At Idroscalo, we compete in the GT – ELECTRA speed race!

This is a new electric powerboat category desired, designed and implemented by the Venice Motonautical Association, with zero-emission GT-Electra one-design hulls.

The E- Regatta is organized by Assonautica di VeneziaAssociazione Motonautica VeneziaVeniceAgenda2028Venti di Cultura e Triumph Group International in collaboration with Vela FIM.

All boats wishing to participate in the E-REGATTA must be registered at the Venice Boat Show ([email protected]), and confirm their participation in the E-REGATTA by sending an email to: [email protected]

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