Talk with the award-winning navigator Andrea Mura

Stand Raymarine Area Scali

29 MayMay

18:30 - 19:30

At the Raymarine booth, the exceptional story of a special guest, the award-winning navigator Andrea Mura, Ambassador Raymarine, in conversation with the journalist and face of Sky Sport, Sandro Donato Grosso.

“What does it feel like to sail around the world, solo, without stopping, on a reduced budget?” Just weeks after completing the challenge of the Global Solo Challenge, award-winning navigator Andrea Mura faces new ones. In the meantime, he joins the team of Raymarine, of which he has been a sailing ambassador for many years, to recount the emotions of an exceptional journey that only a few have successfully completed.

In an open conversation with sports journalist and well-known face of Sky Sport, Sandro Donato Grosso, Andrea Mura tells the emotions, challenges, and fears of those who find themselves alone in the ocean with only their own energies. And then he will talk about future plans and projects that will satisfy the most ambitious appetites.

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