Candela P-8 Voyager

Arsenale - Darsena Grande

Arsenale - Darsena Grande,

30 MayMay

17:00 - 18:00

World Premiere of Candela’s new electric hydrofoiling boat, the P-8 Voyager. The Italian-designed P-8 Voyager is a luxury passenger transporter offering 95% energy reduction, zero wake and unmatched passenger comfort. Our vessels have been dubbed as “the boats that will save Venice” due to the absence of harmful wakes as well as a 100% reduction of CO2.

Introduction to Candela and the future of waterborne transportErik Eklund, Chief of Commercial Vessels, Candela
The P-8 Voyager – Ideation, concept and creation – Lorenzo Argento, Yacht Designer
Q&A, mingle and drinks

Place: Candelas booth, P2 area, Salone Nautico

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