Scorching Waters

Rio delle Galeazze

03 JunJune


Thanks to Assonautica Venezia, ASD Canoa Republic and Gloria Rogliani ASD

The gauntlet has been thrown! Two competitive matchs will happen in Rio delle Galeazze:

  1. Olimpic champions Daniele Scarpa e Antonio Rossi will fight in a two-rows gondola race versus the champions Riccardo Grosso Camomilla e Rudi Vignotto
  2.  An all-pink race on Outrigger va’a canoe, by ForzaRosa International.

The winners of the first match will be guests in the second challenge, on board of the polinesian outrigger va’a canoe with the ForzaRosa International team.

The President of Venice city Council Linda Damiano will be the starter of the ForzaRosa International match.

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