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23 GiuGiugno


Studenti dell’Università di Coventry si confronteranno con i tecnici e i progettisti di un cantiere, proponendo le loro nuove idee da adattare a una carena innovativa.
Presenta: Coventry University
A cura  di: Nuvolari-Lenard  srlCarlo Nuvolari-Duodo
CFP crediti formativi professionali riconoscibili per gli Ordini degli APPC e Ingegneri.
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Marine Design Innovation Technical Congress and DesignLab
Design is as an interdisciplinary holistic approach to boat design from speed boats to superyachts. It is based on the methodologies of Industrial Design, which are informed by both Human Factors and Engineering. The delegates of this technical congress as experts in their respective disciplines present the Marine Design Manifesto as a framework for innovation within the marine industry as well as associated platform and Human Factor innovations, to facilitate innovation in next generation design. In every professional field there are definitive texts, the Marine Design Manifesto provides advocacy for Marine Design, as an established and developing interdisciplinary approach. It will be made available to the audience at the event.
To contextualise the interdisciplinary nature of Marine Design Innovation, there will be a live one-day DesignLab in parallel to the congress, which will be broadcast across the show to demonstrate the creative processes of Marine Design Innovation. Two groups of students will engage in the Mayor of Venice future transport DesignLab, which will involve the design of a hybrid public transportation boat for Venice lagoon in 2025. Where lowering environmental impact, increasing comfort and control at sea, are effects and characteristics critical to sustainable water mobility. This design brief is based on an innovative hull platform technology, which is up to 50% more energy efficient than conventional hull technology.

Marine Design Innovation Technical Congress and DesignLab Schedule
Live student group concept overview discussions
Catamaran Platform Innovation for Different Operational Speed Requirements
Dr Martin Mai (Aquacon AG)
Design-Driven Innovation: Next Generation High Speed Transatlantic Superliner
Dr Sean McCartan (EBDIG)
17:30-18:00 Student groups present:
Final Concepts

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