Sustainable development policy

On the occasion of the Venice Boat Show 2019, Ve.La. S.p.A. has agreed to do their utmost to improve the positive social, economic and environmental impacts of the event and reduce the negative ones as much as possible.

In fact, the international event will be located in the historic centre of the maritime city, in close contact with the urban context.

To make the Venice Boat Show sustainable is an opportunity to raise awareness on sustainability issues, not just in the city, but among all the people who take part in this event.

In this perspective, Ve.La. S.p.A. undertakes to:

  • Respect the fundamental principles of sustainable development
  • Manage the event with inclusiveness, integrity and transparency
  • Raise the awareness of participants on the subject of environmental, economic and social sustainability
  • Ensure compliance with current regulations regarding the environment, health, safety and work
  • Involve stakeholders in listening, communication, interaction and debate
  • Minimize consumption and production of waste
  • Better manage natural resources
  • Promote the local economy and employment

For this reason, we have implemented an event sustainability management system, in compliance with the ISO 20121 standard, with a view to continuous improvement.