The Venice Boat Show brings naval art back home; back to the historic heart of the maritime city.

The event takes place in the city setting and in the Venetian tradition with an international flavour.

Vela has chosen to commit to improving the positive impacts of the event in terms of the social, economic and environmental impacts, as outlined in its declaration of intent and values, and to decreasing the negative ones as much as possible.

Sustainability of the Venice Boat Show, in accordance with the ISO 20121 standard, above all means an opportunity to raise awareness on the issue, not only of the city, but of all the people who take part in this event.

With this in mind and with respect to the defined field of application relating to the planning and implementation phase of the event, Ve.La undertakes to:


–        sustainably manage the Venice Boat Show;

–        respect the fundamental principles of sustainable development;

–        raise awareness among the participants in the event on the subject of environmental, economic and social sustainability;

–        ensure compliance with current regulations on the environment, health and safety at the workplace;

–        involve stakeholders by communicating the sustainability principles thereto;

–        strive to reduce the consumption of resources and the production of waste;

–        promote the local economy and employment.

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