Containment measures planned to contrast the Covid-19 epidemic


Regarding the security protocol adopted following the Covid-19 Emergency,  visitors are invited to observe the following:

1.    Access to the Salone Nautico Boat Show is limited and subject to mandatory reservation. During the purchase/conversion phase, the visitor must select the day and time of entry. The ticket is nominal and not transferable. Visitors are invited to respect the time of entry shown on ticket.

2.   The attendance list will be kept for 14 days, for health purposes only, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR (EU) 2016/679.

3.   At the exhibition entrance area, all visitors will have their body temperature measured by the staff of the Salone Nautico through suitable detection systems. If their temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees, the person will be accommodated in a waiting area outside the exhibition areas, and their temperature checked again after a few minutes. If the temperature is still above 37.5 degrees, the person will not be allowed access to the area and will be advised to contact the local health service or their doctor.

4.   Visitors are however invited to check their body temperature before showing up at the exhibition venue. If their temperature exceeds 37.5 °C or, similarly, if they have flu-like symptoms (cough, joint pain, colds), they must, in any case, stay at home.

5.   The visiting path within the exhibition spaces is one-way, both in the external and internal areas, to avoid interference between groups of visitors.

6.   Masks are mandatory during the whole visit inside the Salone Nautico. It should be noted that masks must be worn covering nose and mouth.

7.   The area is equipped with numerous points for the sanitization of the hands: we invite visitors to make a frequent use of them.

8.   Compliance with physical distancing of at least one metre between people is required.

9.   The Salone Nautico prepares suitable information and communication systems to the public, with the presence of stewards and billboards, at the entrance and in the exhibition areas.

10.  Access to the piers and indoor pavilions will be limited to a number of contemporary people, to avoid any gatherings. Visitors are required to wait in the queue respecting the distances before they can access these areas.

11.   There are catering and bar services in full compliance with the regulations of the anti-covid-19 health protocols.

12.  The areas dedicated to the exhibition are sanitized periodically.

13.  A wardrobe service is not available.